General Terms and Conditions

SeefyCar, a brand of Ingenieurbüro Seefried GmbH

Effective 1 April 2021

In order to keep our service safe and simple for everyone, we have detailed some terms and conditions in this document to which you must agree before starting each rental on our platform. The conditions describe the obligations between SeefyCar and it’s customers. This is a legally binding agreement.

SeefyCar is a brand of Ingenieurbüro Seefried GmbH, Ingenieurbüro Seefried GmbH, their Affiliates, Partners, Employees, Agents, and Representatives.

Vehicle refers to any and all SeefyCar vehicles in their completion including the exterior, interior, and any components, parts, accessories, and installations.

Fare refers to the price reflected in the booking confirmation.

Fees and fee schedule refer to the charges (above and beyond the fare) which are valid at the time of any incident which warrants application of such charges.

A booking is a rental agreement which has a start and end date/time.

The booking period refers to the length of time agreed when booking the vehicle. Execution of the booking begins when the customer starts the rental via the app and ends when the customer returns the vehicle to the agreed return location and correctly closes the booking using the app.

A valid driver’s license is one that legally authorizes one to drive the vehicle in the area of intended operation. For example, if your driver’s license is valid in your home country, but is not accepted as authorization to drive at the location where you intend to retrieve your vehicle, then your driver’s license is not considered valid for the purposes of the SeefyCar booking. Furthermore, SeefyCar requires that the driver’s license has been valid for at least 5 years without interruption (e.g. suspension or other loss of driving privileges).

The minimum age of drivers of SeefyCar vehicles is 24 years old. Anyone can register, however customers will be unable to make a booking unless at the start of the rental period the customer meets the requirements.

As a registered customer of SeefyCar, you understand and agree to the following conditions.

Registration and Your Profile

You certify that all information provided to SeefyCar is factual information about you, the profile holder and primary driver of all SeefyCar vehicles booked (e.g. you may not use someone else’s information when registering). Honest, transparent relationships are very important to the SeefyCar team. If the SeefyCar team discovers that information has been falsified, your profile and driving privileges may be permanently suspended.

By submitting your driver’s license, you certify that your license is valid with no revocations, suspensions, or limitations which would prohibit you from using SeefyCar services.

You promise to keep your profile credentials private, not to share these credentials with anyone else, and not to allow anyone else to use your profile or your booking. If you fear that your credentials have been compromised, you are responsible to inform SeefyCar.

SeefyCar reserves the right to use your personal information or that of any additional drivers named in the booking to request information about the driving record of all drivers connected to bookings. This request would be made to third parties and may include government and regulatory agencies.

SeefyCar reserves the right to suspend a customer’s profile for any reason. During suspension, all terms and conditions remain effective although driving privileges are revoked.

If you decide to leave SeefyCar, you may delete your profile 90 days after your last rental day. This gives SeefyCar time to ensure the last payment is processed and that any potential outstanding traffic violations have been resolved. When all open topics connected to your profile are closed, you may initiate deletion of your profile. The only information linked to you that would remain in our files would be booking, payment processing, and legal records. These records would be maintained for the length of time permitted or required by Austrian law.

After deletion of your profile, some parts of the terms and conditions would remain effective, especially the release of liability / indemnity clause.


Vehicle bookings may only be created and executed if a valid credit card or debit card is on file. and if the deductible amount is able to be reserved. If you become delinquent on your payment obligations for any reason (ex: insufficient funds, rejected payments, etc.), SeefyCar may suspend the profile. In this case bookings cannot be made or executed until all outstanding debts have been paid. SeefyCar may attempt to contact you so that an agreement can be made to remedy the situation. If you are unwilling to cooperate and pay your debts, SeefyCar may decide to assign your debt to a third-party collection agency and/or take legal action against you for the amount due SeefyCar plus the cost of taking such action.

When you enter your payment information, you certify that the credit card registered through the SeefyCar booking platform is one that you are authorized to use. You authorize SeefyCar to reserve the amount equal to the insurance deductible reflected in the booking confirmation and to charge all applicable expenses incurred during the use of the vehicle.

You agree that SeefyCar may transfer liability to you for any additional expenses due to your use of our services and relinquish your right to challenge any fees, tickets, citations, tolls, etc. Additional charges may be incurred at a later date depending on the length of time required for delivery and review. Invoices from third parties will be charged directly to the credit or debit card of the profile holder who made the booking at the time the fees, tolls, citation, tickets, etc. take place or are issued based on either the person or vehicle identified in the request for payment.


All bookings are non-transferable and may only be executed by the profile holder under which the booking was created.

It is strictly prohibited to sublet the vehicle, sell your profile, or let someone else use your profile. Should any of these situations occur, you are liable for all costs associated with the event including damages, tolls, citations, fares, fees, etc. These situations are grounds for permanent profile suspension.

Drivers in addition to the profile holder must be indicated before the final Rental Contract is signed. Additional drivers are held to the same terms and conditions as the profile holder. Additional drivers may not have access to the profile holder’s credentials or profile.

If an unregistered person uses the vehicle during your booking period, you will be held liable for any damages or incidents that occur. Additionally, you may be suspending from using our services in the future.

Upon booking a vehicle, you will receive a booking confirmation and subsequently can find your booking in the app. Upon start of the booking (correct completion of app workflow and signing of Rental Contract), the booking is considered active. After the vehicle has been returned to the agreed location and the app workflow has been correctly completed, the booking is considered closed. You will receive confirmation when the booking has been closed.

SeefyCar reserves the right to reject a booking for any reason and is not obligated to provide services to all applicants.

Booking Changes and Cancellations

In the unexpected event that a confirmed booking cannot be fully executed by SeefyCar (ex: vehicle is not available to fulfill your booking), SeefyCar will suggest an alternative which most closely matches your request. You will have the option to choose the alternative booking or to cancel the booking.

SeefyCar reserves the right to cancel a booking at any time for a breach of the terms and conditions in this document or if evidence arises of failure to meet requirements for booking vehicles or to pay for the booking and any additional fees related to the booking.

You are entitled to request changes to your booking at any time, but SeefyCar does not guarantee ability to change or extend bookings.

Vehicle Retrieval and Return

You agree to retrieve the vehicle at or after the agreed date and time of the start of the booking period. If you retrieve the vehicle later than agreed, you may still be charged for the entire booking period. You agree to return the vehicle by the end of the booking period. If you return the vehicle earlier, you may still be charged for the entire booking period. Any changes to the booking period and associated payment amount must be agreed by SeefyCar. Should the vehicle be returned later than agreed in the booking confirmation, late fees will apply per the fee schedule. If the vehicle is not returned by the end of the booking period, SeefyCar may report the vehicle as stolen and your information would in this case be given to the police.

You agree to retrieve and return the vehicle at the designated location according to the booking confirmation unless otherwise agreed or instructed by SeefyCar. Return to a location other than one agreed by SeefyCar will result in additional fees.

Vehicle Use and Restrictions

You may have as many passengers as you can safely fit into the vehicle, meaning that every person in the vehicle must wear a seatbelt. You as the profile holder are responsible to ensure that all your passengers abide by this rule to ensure that everyone has a safe ride.

You agree not to willfully nor through negligence damage or soil the vehicle. You promise to be conscientious when driving, parking, or otherwise using SeefyCar services. You promise not to alter the vehicle in any way nor steal any SeefyCar property, including by means of changing, adding, or removing accessories, logos, foils, etc.

Smoking and vaping inside the vehicle are strictly prohibited. If smoking occurs within the vehicle during the rental period, you will be charged for cleaning to the extent necessary to redeem the condition of the vehicle.

Driving our vehicles while under the influence of alcohol, drugs which negatively impact your ability to drive, and illegal drugs is strictly prohibited. Should incidence or damages occur during you use of our services either to SeefyCar, third party property, or other persons while you are under the influence of said substances, you will be held fully liable for all fines, fees, and any other costs which are incurred.

SeefyCar reserves the right to use geofencing (limitation of driving area, e.g. driving to foreign countries), to contact you, to disable the vehicle, and to repossess the vehicle if needed should it be taken outside the driving area limits. Additional fees apply for driving area limitation violations, including the costs associated with repossessing the vehicle, and insurance may be invalidated, leaving you fully responsible with all costs associated with any incidences or accidents during your use of the service.

You are not allowed to drive or park a SeefyCar in an area in which it is prohibited to do so, a country which is not covered by SeefyCar insurance, and any road which is not paved. Should damages or excessive soiling of the vehicle occur, the customer will be held liable for any damages or additional cleaning necessary to prepare the vehicle for the next customer. If the vehicle is towed or impounded during your use of the vehicle and/or due to your actions, you are required to contact SeefyCar as soon as you are aware of such a situation and you agree to pay all costs associated with the incident.

You agree to comply with the law whenever interacting with SeefyCar or using it’s services. You are prohibited from conducting any illegal activities in connection with or while using our services. SeefyCar can not be held an accomplice, complicit to, connected to, or liable for any illegal activities of it’s customers.

Additional prohibited activities, which you agree never to do in a SeefyCar vehicle are as follows:

If you are involved in any dangerous or illegal activities while using SeefyCar’s services, the team at SeefyCar will fully comply with the law and assist law enforcement in pursuit of a case against you.

Cleaning and Maintenance

All customers are responsible to take care of our vehicles and leave them in good condition for the next driver. Please be sure to take all items with you when you leave the vehicle, including trash. You are obligated to provide SeefyCar feedback on the condition of the vehicle through the app workflows which are required at the start and end of each rental duration.

If during your booking it is noted that cleaning, service, or maintenance is required, you agree to inform SeefyCar immediately. If you have soiled the vehicle beyond normal use expectations, you are welcome to clean up after yourself to avoid cleaning fees. If use of any chemicals or cleaning agents are required, we advise you to leave it to the professionals (our cleaning partners) to avoid damages to the vehicle.

You agree not to attempt to make any repairs, service, or maintenance yourself unless agreed by SeefyCar, in which case you would receive formal direction and/or agreement in writing. The purpose is to ensure the safety of our vehicles.

The following minor services may be made by you personally or by a mechanic without prior approval from SeefyCar.

If something happens which results in the inability of the vehicle to function and it needs to be towed, please contact SeefyCar immediately.

Battery Charging

Charging the battery is a part of operating an electrical vehicle. You agree to accept responsibility for charging the battery and keeping the charge level between 10% and 90% of it’s capacity.

A charging station can be found using the SeefyCar app. Charging stations within our network are clearly marked within the app and are free of charge. Any charges or fees resulting from use of battery charging stations outside of our network are your responsibility and will not be reimbursed.

At most stations, if the charger is connected to the vehicle after the charging limit is reached, additional fees are applied. Should these fees be incurred by SeefyCar during your use of the vehicle, you must pay them.

If you allow the battery to completely run out of charge such that it must be towed, you are required to pay towing fees and all related costs that result from this event.

If the return location is a dedicated SeefyCar parking space (e.g. specified in the app or marked with a sign) with a charger, you are required to leave the vehicle connected to the charger. In this case, you will not be held responsible for charging station occupation (idle) fees.

Your Duty to Inform

Should your personal contact or payment information change which are connected to your profile (credit/debit card, passport, driver’s license, etc.), you agree to update the information in the SeefyCar app immediately.

If you driver’s license becomes invalid for any reason, your profile will be suspended. If you have a booking open at the time, the booking will be immediately closed and the vehicle will be repossessed at your expense.

You must thoroughly inspect the vehicle and report all issues with soiling of and damages to the vehicle prior to closing the workflow at vehicle retrieval and return. Reporting these issues protects you from liability for issues which were caused by a previous driver. SeefyCar reserves the right to clean and repair the vehicle at your expense.

If you are aware of a misuse of a SeefyCar vehicle during a rental, you agree to inform SeefyCar immediately.

If any accident or incident during a rental in which one of the following situations occur, you agree to notify the police/emergency personnel immediately and subsequently SeefyCar.

In the scenarios described here, you must also and are responsible for:

During your rental if you lose or misplace the device with your virtual key (app), or the vehicle is misplaced or stolen, contact SeefyCar immediately.

If you are involved in legal proceedings for any reason in connection with your use of SeefyCar services you agree to inform SeefyCar immediately.

If changes are made to these terms and conditions, you will be required to agree to the new version before starting your next rental. If you have an active booking when the terms and conditions are updated, the old version will remain in effect for you until your current booking is closed.


SeefyCar extends insurance coverage to our customers with some limitations.

  1. You must be in compliance with all terms and conditions during your entire rental in order to receive insurance coverage. Use of a vehicle in violation of these terms and conditions is without the consent of SeefyCar and will invalidate the coverage extended to you.
  2. You must be in compliance will all laws during your use of the vehicle.
  3. You must have a valid driver’s license for all areas in which you have driven during your use of the vehicle.
  4. You must meet the age requirements for driving the vehicle per SeefyCar and in the area where the accident occurred, e.g. all details of the registered profile must be correct.
  5. After an accident, you must file a full, accurate accident report. If there are any failures in the filing on your part (e.g. misstatements), you will be fully responsible for all costs associated with the accident.
  6. Driving under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicating substances as well as hit-and-run driving will invalidate the insurance coverage extended to you.

In the event of an accident, you are required to fully cooperate and to be completely honest with the SeefyCar team, to provide any information needed to process the claim and investigate the accident, to attend hearings and trials as needed, to assist in securing evidence, and to take no actions which would delay or compromise the resolution of the claim or case.

If you are at fault in an accident or vehicle damage, you agree to pay all costs associated with the accident. You are liable for all damages to the vehicle which are due to operating errors, overuse, or violation of other obligations of this agreement during the rental period. You are liable in the same way for damage culpably caused by any person who have come into contact with the vehicle by or through you.

You are liable if the damage is determined after return of the vehicle upon review of the issues reported during the workflow completed by you and the subsequent driver.

Intellectual Property

You may not attempt to reverse engineer, manipulate, copy, or destroy the website, app, or any software used in SeefyCar’s property. Any attempt to gain access to the vehicle other than through proper use of the app are strictly prohibited. Any violation will result in permanent profile suspension. Costs incurred will be paid by you and legal action may be initiated.

Release of Liability / Indemnity Clause

You agree to accept all risks associated with the use of our services to the extent permitted by law. Under no circumstances will SeefyCar be held responsible for any damages to any persons or properties resulting from your use of our services.

You agree not to hold SeefyCar liable for any dangerous conditions (whether it pertains to the handover location or the vehicle itself), mechanical issues, technical issues, or malfunctions.

You are responsible for your personal items and agree not to hold SeefyCar liable for any damaged, lost, or stolen property. In the event that items are left in the vehicle, the SeefyCar team will make an effort to recover the items but does not make any guarantees.

Compliance with existing regulations and laws during the use of the vehicle is the sole responsibility of you, the drivers named in your booking, and any persons who come into contact with SeefyCar’s property through your use of the vehicle. You agree to hold harmless, defend, and fully indemnify SeefyCar for all losses, claims, damages, fines, fees, charges or other costs which are levied against SeefyCar in connection with violations caused by you, the drivers named in your booking, and any persons who come into contact with SeefyCar’s property through your use of the vehicle during your use of our services.

Any information or recommendations found in SeefyCar’s website, app, and booking platform are for informational purposes only and do not constitute advice for which SeefyCar can be held liable. SeefyCar does not guarantee the information we provide is completely up-to-date and free of errors, defects, malware, and viruses.

SeefyCar will not be held liable for damages caused by the use of or inability to use our services.

If in the court of law it is determined that any part of these terms and conditions are found to be unenforceable, the remaining parts shall remain in force.

By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you confirm that you have read, understand, and agree to the terms and conditions in their entirety.