About us

While new and exciting technological advancements lead the way to a higher quality of life, it is important to use these advancements to preserve our most precious resource, the environment.


The advent of electrical vehicles (EVs) and the technologies adjacent to their development open the door to a more sustainable way of living without compromising the comfortable way of life to which we’ve become accustomed.

Our mission at SeefyCar is to make sustainable, economical transportation accessible to everyone in the areas we service.


Our vision for the future is transportation as a service (TaaS) which is ubiquitous and reliable such that those who wish to can relinquish vehicle ownership without sacrificing access to transportation and the convenience of availability.


Our values are centered around trust, which we build with our customers, partners, and employees through transparency, fair treatment, and relationships built on honesty.

Bernhard Seefried is the entrepreneur behind a group of successful business ventures and CEO of SeefCon GmbH, Ingenieurbüro Seefried GmbH, and SeefyCar (a brand of Ingenieurbüro Seefried GmbH).


Bernhard is a supporter of the progressive technology company, Tesla, and remains an active member of the Austrian Tesla Club, serving on the Board of Directors.